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June Skydiving course 16.-20.6.2021 Alavus

 Ilmoittautuminen suljettu
16.6.2021 17:30 - 20.6.2021 00:00
Savikonkydöntie 129, 63300 Alavus, Suomi - Savikonkydöntie
63300 Alavus, Suomi
Paikkoja yhteensä
Paikkoja vapaana
045 121 5767
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June Skydiving course starts at 16.6.2021 klo 17:30 in Alavus airfield

Welcome to a skydiving course in Alavus airfield!
In this course you will learn everything you need to know before doing your first solo skydive. The theory and ground training takes place from wed-fri at 17.00-21.00. After the training on saturday it is time to do your first skydive! You should book the whole saturday for jumping. Sunday is the course spare day if the weather prevents us from jumping on saturday. After compleating the course and the first jump you can continue your training at our club until you get the skydiving license. The license is your gate to more awesome stuff with your new skydiving friends!
Course costs 380 euros and it includes:
- The training and first jump (Static Line)
- First self opened skydiving jump (at the earliest your 7th jump)
-Free accomodation at our facility during your course
-Permission to use our student gear trough all of your training
- Free follow up training to become a licensed skydiver. (you only pay for the jumps (26€/33€)
-Our club membership
-Finnish Aeronautical Association memebership and Ilmailu-magazine
- Pohjola Sporttiturva- insurance
You can pay by card or cash or by Smartum-, TYKY-, Edenred-bills or Sporttipassi. With student card you can have 10% off the course price.
You can attend the course if you speak normal conversation english. Finnish speakers are welcome and will be quided also in finnish, but the classes will be held in english. So make sure you can keep up.

Price: 380€

Registration above "ilmoittaudu tästä" button.


Kaikki päivät

  • Alkaen 16.6.2021 17:30 päättyen 20.6.2021 00:00

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Alavuden Ilmailukerho Ry PL 12 60101 Seinäjoki
Alavuden lentokenttä Savikonkydöntie 129